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February 9


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After masky calmed you down you sat down and masky spun. It landed on Jeff you giggled and masky kissed his hand and slapped Jeffs face as hard as he could. Jeff got up taking his knife out and started running after him screaming "I can't believe you fucking did that COME BACK HERE!!!" Everyone started bursting out in laughter then hoody went and it landed on you so he kissed the side of your cheek and Jack looked at you looking extremely pissed. Next it was your turn you spun the bottle and it landed on jack you blushed and tilted your head shyly.

Jack pulled you ont o his laps and he lifted up his mask as he leaned in and kissed you passionately. His lips melted into your you kissed back and he glided his tounge along your bottom lip and you playfully denied him. He squeezed your ass and you gasped a little so he took that as a chance to slide his tounge in your mouth you battled for dominance which he obviously one but you didn't care you rapped your fingers in his auburn hair deepening the kiss everyone in the room melted away. You finally pulled away leaving a bit of saliva still connecting the two of you. Everyone in the room was staring at you even Jeff and Masky. Ben smiled and said "Me next." Jack picked you up bridal style and ran with you in his arms out to the forest to a gazebo and a lake. He sat you at the table laying you down and climbing ontop of you you slid up his mask again so you could see his lips. They were in a wild grin.

He leaned down kissing you again he slid his tounge into your mouth and did this wonderful thing with it that you pulled him even coser for. He kissed down your jaw to your neck searching for your sweet spot. Once he found it he attacked the area making you moan and pull on his hair. You flipped to the top and he put his hands in your shirt rubbing your sides gently. You whispered in his ear " I'll be back here at 10 don't be late." He smiled and kissed your lips one last time before you parted.

You got a quick shower and did your hair straight and your makeup perfectly so it complemented your (e/c) eyes. You wore a blue mini skirt and a while flawy blouse which you tucked in. You wore (f/c) converse with it and a large white jacket. You walked to the spot where Jack was waiting his hoody was off and his black shirt still was extremely tight over his toned body. He had layer down a blanket. You gladly layer down and he put his arm around you pulling you close to him you snuggled your head into his chest  and he kissed the top of your head. With that you fell asleep.

You woke up to someone carrying you. You thought its probably Jack maybe its morning. You opened your eyes slowly realizing that it was night still. You looked up at the girl who was carrying you. She had black eyes and black lips and was about as pale as Jeff and had the same raven black hair too. You heard a snap behind the two of you and saw a white primitive creature with a curved and ridged back and long claws. He seemed that if he was human he would be anorexic. You laughed at the way you thought of the creature. Thats when the girl who was carrying you noticed you were awake.

"Hello (y/n) I am Jane, Jane the killer." The creature behind you spoke up saying "and i am the rake." "Whats going on?!? Wheres Jack?!? LET ME GO!!!!" You screamed at her and ran through the forest when you figured you lost them you climbed a nearby tree hoping to find the creepypasta house you saw two clearings and ran to the one nearest to you assuming that they couldn't have taken you that far. You ran to the clearing and saw a large castle and when you turned around to walk to the other clearing a knife sunk into  your leg and you fell to the floor only to be picked up by jane.

"You bitch!!" you yelled at her she just laughed. As you walked inside you noticed a throne room and in the large chair was someone or something. He had red glowing eyes that seemed to glow even more as he saw you. He was black or grey in color you couldn't really tell. He had horns like a bull and a smile as big as Jeff's although his was filled with sharp pointy teeth. His face reminded you of a skull. His body was covered in fabric and armor that seemed to be made from bones and a red cloak that trailed  behind him.

He spoke saying "(y/n) we are not here to hurt you my name is Zalgo and this is my home and now it is yours too." "Like hell you are not here to hurt me and theres no fucking way I'm staying here." He noticed your leg and growled at Jane. "My dear (y/n) I am sorry about your leg but i am not like Jane and you will be staying here because you do not have a choice." You really just wanted to slap this guy "and my dear why would i hurt you when i need you."


I woke up and realized that (y/n) was gone. I looked everywhere screaming her name. I brought in smiles aka her husky and told him "Help me find her." He sniffed around for a few minutes before saying he smelled Jane and the Rake in the area. They were most likely the ones that took her and that meant Zalgo had her. I stormed into Slendy's office saying "Get a team together they took her." Then i walked out and within minutes of that we were on the move smiles leading the way.


"What do you mean you need me?"
Hope you guys enjoy this is a long one 
Questions comments complaints let me know 
I do not own any creepypasta 

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